The winter in pictures.

Did I say we don’t get proper winters anymore? I eat my words…


And then came March…

Looking forward to spring!

Jenny Lloyd is the Welsh author of The Megan Jones trilogy; historical novels set in early, 19th century, rural Wales.

Leap the Wild Water new book cover meadow     The Calling of the Raven updated book cover     Anywhere the Wind Blows Book Cover - jpg

You can read about the books or purchase them by clicking on the links below.

Leap the Wild Water:

The Calling of the Raven:

Anywhere the Wind Blows:

You can also follow the author:





9 thoughts on “The winter in pictures.

  1. Breathtaking pics, Jenny! So nice to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. Are you writing something new? These pics look beautiful but very chilly. Hope your spring is soon on the way!

    • Hello, Malla, lovely to see you. It is beginning to feel a little more spring-like now, thank heavens. I’m working on a novel but it’s slow progress as I have a whole lot of other things making demands on my time. How about you? Can I look forward to another from you?

      • Hi, Jenny, sorry for late reply. Glad to hear you are still writing. I’m afraid I also have a slew of other things taking my time and focus. So writing is on the back-burner. It would be helpful if one could make more sales, but Kindle Unlimited, IMHO, has killed a lot of the joy of self-publishing. But writing is always at the back of my mind, and hopefully, one day I can reapply myself. But best of luck with all your projects. Need more blogs on breathtaking Wales, please…

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